10 Cute but Functional Gym Hairstyles for Any Workout

10 Cute but Functional Gym Hairstyles for Any Workout


Don't you hate it when you start your workout and part way though you have all those little pesky fly-aways coming out all over the place and your hair getting all into your face? My goal is to share more cute hairstyles you can use so you can spend more time focused on your workout and less time readjusting your hair! 


 10 cute but functional hairstyles for the gym


1. Top Knot

I mean it's safe to say that this is right here the name - so I believe it is the top one to share of course ;) 


2. Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids

I tend to wear this a lot now that my hair is a lot longer, but it can also still be done on shorter hair too! 


3. High Sleek Pony


Easy peasy - this is always a great go-to if you literally have no time for anything else. Use scrunchies to keep your hair from getting creases if you plan on taking your hair back down after your workout.


4. Messy Buns

Messy bun

I personally love the messy hair look when it's about time to wash my hair again, but need to make it one more day. Never fails and you can make the bun high or low with a hat to the gym. 



 5. Pull Through Braid

Love, love, LOVE this one! May take a little of time to get the hang off and adding the bands in, but it is super secure and you won't have to worry about it moving around. 


6. Space Buns

 Cute and easy especially for your low intensity workout days. 


7. Headbands

You can practically wear your hair with any of these styles with a headband. I do know for me my headbands tend to  fall out and I have to fix them part way through, so I wanted to share this way that I use to help keep them in place. 



8. Bubble Braids

Bubble Braids

I did this one recently and I could not believe how many people liked it because I wasn't sure how I felt about it on myself. Super easy and quick to do!


 9. Add a Hat 

Hat Gym Hair

One of my favorites to do when I'm having a less than stellar day with my hair. 


 10. Upside Down French Pony Tail Braid

If you are feeling a little extra and want to braid up the bottom half of your hair, this one is for you! 



Hope you enjoy all of these different hairstyles to feel cute and crush your workouts in the gym! 




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