Weekend Cardio & Abs Workout

Weekend Cardio & Abs Workout

Get a sneak peak into our 16 Week Bikini Body Prep Program!

With this 16 Week Bikini Body Program we focus on creating a more lean and toned physique for a body building competitor or those looking to get into the body building workout style. 

With each exercise focus on the muscles that you are working squeezing on every rep to get the most out of the program. This program focuses on a whole body transformation to keep as much muscle as possible while slimming down.

There will be one rest day per week with 6 days of workouts that focuses on different body parts each day. Workouts are 45-60 minutes long. 


Weekend Cardio & Abs Workout

This is just one of the many workouts from the program and super fun as Top Knot Strong targets your whole body through cardio & abs in every exercise and rep. 

If you like this workout, you will definitely be ready to try out the rest of the program and continue to build lean muscle and cut up for the lean body you desire!


Start accessing the whole program today! 


weekend cardio and abs workout from top knot strong



  1. Russian Twists w/ Medicine Ball - sitting on the ground, holding medicine ball on each side and upper body lowered to 45 degrees so you can balance on your tailbone, take ball and alternate sides while twisting your core back and forth (do reps on each side) 
  2. Toe Touch Crunch - laying on your back, lift legs to 90 degrees at the hips and up to the ceiling, lower to the left side and then the right side, each time you come up to the middle crunch up to reach your toes (8 each side per set)
  3. Ab Roll Downs with press- take dumbbell in hands on both sides at chest, sit back on tailbone, knees slightly bent and heels on the ground, crunch with weight at chest and roll down until your back is flat on the ground in 3 counts and then pull back up with a straight back in 1 count, then press weight in hands straight up to the ceiling 
  4. Forearm Plank Jumping Jacks with Side Knee Pull - with elbows bent and under your shoulders, feet together in plank, jump feet apart with back flat, jump feet back together, then pull one knee to your side towards your side, alternate sides (8 knee pulls on each side)
  5. Hanging Leg Raises - using tower, hanging down and toes pointed,  raise legs to 90 degrees and back down 
  6. Kneeling Cable Crunch Downs - facing cable machine with cable at shoulder height or in the middle, kneeling on the ground, take rope attachment over head and crunch down towards the ground 
  7. Burpee Rows to Curl - using two dumbbells go down into burpee holding dumbbells in each hand, row each side into your side, then stand up with both dumbbells and do a hammer curl 
  8. Twisting Mountain Climbers - in plank, do mountain climbers and pull knees towards the opposite side elbow (do reps on each side - total of 30 per set)


Let us know what you think of this workout and if you want to see more workouts from Top Knot Strong! 
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