Diet Expectations Vs. Reality

Diet Expectations Vs. Reality

Losing weight and getting in shape is a common goal for many across the world. So it's no wonder that there are SO many different diets out there claiming to help you in losing all of the weight and have the body of your dreams. 

So when you go on a diet, you expect to get to lose weight consistently and easily because everyone makes it seem so easy. However, you hardly ever hear someone who went on a diet sharing the hard stuff and how difficult it may have been for him or her.  

Diet expectations vs reality - top knot strong


There are a lot of expectations when it comes to a diet, and when you don't get the desired outcome that someone else may have had, it leads to thinking that the diet didn't work and that you are doing something wrong. 

I'm here to share the reality of diet expectations and why they are hindering your success in reaching your goals. 

diet expectation 1 - you need to eat less


Expectation #1: You just need to eat less.

While this is true, many often cut out WAY TOO MUCH to the point where it effects your hormones, energy levels, and actually still are not seeing the progress they had hoped to. 

Reality #1: You only need to eat slightly less.

Yes, I said slightly. Your body still needs calories for fuel. When cutting out too much your body will come to a point where it is not burning and digesting food to it's full potential.

Your body will start to store some fat for later because it's not getting enough and doesn't know when it will next. Plus when cutting out too much, you will eventually plateau and wonder why you can't seem to get past it. 

All you need to do it eat slightly less than what your body is burning on a daily basis. This will be different for every single person, but I recommend starting to track the food you would normally eat on a daily basis for 1 week without changing your eating habits.

See if you have any changes in your weight or if you maintained all week. If you gained, you are still eating too much. If you maintained, you need to eat slightly less. 

This will give you a baseline to see where you are at and then determine what changes you need to make. 

 diet expectation 2 - you can never have your favorite foods again


Expectation #2: You can't enjoy your favorite foods again.

If you like ice cream, candy, wine, pizza, burgers, etc... I'm sure you have been told you won't be able to enjoy those anymore if you want to reach your goals. 

...But what happens when you cut out everything that you love??

Reality #2: You can still enjoy everything in moderation. 

The truth is you don't have to cut out all of your favorite foods forever as there is always a time and a place for them. Plus, wouldn't you rather have a way to lose weight and still be able to enjoy your favorite things? I do! 

Moderation is key in this.

If you want to still enjoy some of the things you love, you will want to make sure of these things: 

  • You pick 1-2 cheat meals per week
  • Don't make it a cheat day
  • Keep all other meals healthy
  • Don't skip your workouts


diet expectation 3 - you need to buy supplements in order to lose weight


Expectation #3: You need to buy supplements to lose weight.

WRONG! Supplements are made to help supplement something that you are lacking from your current nutrition. They will not automatically make you lose the weight just by taking them. 

Reality #3: You can't fix a bad nutrition habits with supplements. 

When it comes to supplements they are never going to be able to outwork bad nutrition. 

Not to mention, you will end up spending a ton of money on supplements that you don't even need to reach your goals. 

You can use them, but not required. If you really want to know what you need to help and what you might be lacking, I would recommend getting a blood panel done. This way your doctor can go over your levels of everything and see if there is something that isn't normal.

Otherwise, keep your money and only use supplements when needed. 


expectation 4 - you can lose 10 + pounds in a week


Expectation #4: You can lose 10+ pounds in a week.

Yikes.... not only would that be crazy, you would probably not be yourself either. 

I can just imagine how miserable you would be trying to cut out everything just to lose weight and for what?! You shouldn't be miserable trying to lose weight and it should be a good experience for you.

Reality #4: Fast weight loss = Fast weight gain

If you lose weight fast, you are going to end up gaining it back fast if not faster than at the rate that you lost it. 

You want to aim for 1-2 pounds lost per week. As this will be easier to maintain without going up and down in weight, and you will be able to see progress more consistently without being miserable in the process. 

Which means you can lose 52-104 pounds per year and keep it off for good! 


diet expectation 5 - you can't have carbs

Expectation #5: You need to cut out carbs.

Yes, cutting out carbs can help for some. However, when it comes to being able to keep the weight off long-term, it is a different story. 

If you love carbs and even crave carbs, why would you try to cut all of them out?

Reality #5: Carbs are a great source of nutrients. 

Carbohydrates are our bodies primary source for fuel and by cutting them out, you miss out on a ton of great nutrients.

With them being a source of fuel and good for regulating hormones. By cutting them out can lead to fatigue and cravings. Which will later on cause you to fall off track in reaching your goals, and can develop bad eating habits...

By having carbs incorporated into your nutrition, you will be less likely to fall off track, and have more energy to push in your workouts and get through your day. 


The biggest reality of all is that you don't need to diet. Yes, you read that correctly...

At the end of the day, it comes down to the food choices you make and creating healthier eating habits overall. 

While diets can work, they don't address your relationship with food. So, eventually there will come a time where they don't work and you can fall off and even gain back the weight that you had lost. 


Start making the choices you need in order to reach your goals!

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