How to Create the Perfect Training Split

How to Create the Perfect Training Split

Your training split should be a reflection of your goals and overall lifestyle. 

Someone's weekly workouts as a bodybuilder will be a lot different compared to someone who is just trying to lose weight. 

It's important to make it fit you in order to stay the most consistent. Which in turn means that you will get better results. 

I'll be sharing how to create your perfect split when it comes to your goals and needs. 

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How to create the perfect training split

How to create the perfect workout training split


Your Goals

Defining Goals

Getting clear about your goals from the beginning for your training can save a lot of time and energy. 

Someone who is just looking to lose some weight or body fat is going to be different compared to someone who is looking to build lean muscle mass.

Also understanding what goes into getting to those goals are going to greatly effect everything else. 

Which brings me to my next point...


Style of Workouts

Working out for any kind of goal you set out to achieve requires consistency. 

They style of your workouts should be something that you enjoy to do. You might not all of the time, but it should be something that you would prefer to do over another type of training. 

Most who get into bodybuilding enjoy lifting weights with minimal cardio and the hypertrophy style. 

Enjoying the style of it can ultimately help you to stay more consistent to get better results. 



Every goal needs to have a deadline as this will help to keep you focused and on track with your training and nutrition. 

With this, a longer timeline will mean that you can take things a little bit slower. 

Where as, a shorter timeline will mean that you have to make things a little more drastic to reach those goals. 

It is always recommended to take longer time as needed. Rushing your body will mean taking drastic measures that isn't sustainable. 

Plus, your body can only change so much in so much time. 



Your Lifestyle

Time you Can Commit

The time that you can commit will impact the amount of training that you have time for.

If you don't have time for it, chances are you will start skipping your workouts, and in turn will not be consistent enough to see the results you are looking for. 



Looking at your obligations and responsibilities, you will have to look and see how much time you are willing to commit to your training each week. 

Some people are able to work around everything they need to do by waking up earlier or going to bed later so that they can workout and get everything they need to done. 

It comes down to you and what is important to you. 

If you can't fit in the time or make the time, other things will have to go. 


Social Life

 If obligations are hard to manage this means a social life can be impacted due to your training. 

Not that you won't ever have a social life again if you choose not to, but can be impacted while trying to develop healthier habits along the way. 

Instead of going out several times a week it might be cut back to 1 time per week. 

You have goals that you want to reach so keeping yourself on track will get there. 



Examples of Training Splits

Your training split that fits you will best come from everything that is mentioned above and what is going to work in your schedule. 

The best way to determine this is by trying different ones to see what is best suited for you.

These are examples especially for someone who is looking to compete in a bodybuilding competition, but can be translated to other goals. 


4 Day Split

4 Day Training Workout Split Example

5 Day Split

5 Day Training Workout Split Example

6 Day Split

6 Day Training Workout Split Example


At the end of the day, your training plan should be tailored to your goals, needs, and abilities. 

Creating the perfect plan for you may take time for you to figure out on your own, but it doesn't have to take as long if you have someone in your corner! 

Top Knot Strong specializes in helping women to step on stage for the first time without starving or killing yourself in the gym. 

No matter how far you are away from that goal, we customize a plan for you. 

In our Top Knot Strong Tribe, you will get access to your trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, Sarah Facemire, to keep you on track towards your goals and to ensure your success. 

Set up a free 15 minute consult today to chat about what you want to work towards and if working with Top Knot Strong to reach your goals is the right fit for you. 


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